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Building an Auto-Tune Guitar Part 2

I’ve decided to just re-shape and refinish the Peavey AT200 guitar body and neck. I’m comfortable with woodworking and finishing but I’ve never done this to a guitar. I started by gutting the guitar. On of the hardest parts was to figure out exactly how the electronics worked. Auto-Tune came out with a similar system that you could install into a guitar but this one is slightly different. I had to look up the schematic to the Auto-Tune for guitar Luthier kit and improvise. It was extremely hard to find any information on that kit so I saved the manual to my dropbox account here.

I want the guitar to be as light weight as possible. Since I am not going to be using the humbuckers, I was able to get rid of some unnecessary parts. When I first started removing the paint, I looked up "How to remove paint from a guitar body". There was a few different ways I found. The heat gun approach which consisted of using a heat gun to heat up the guitar finish to remove the paint with a paint scraper. That was a complete nightmare that I don't advise. The easiest way (which was not easy at all) was sanding it off. I went to work. After I first started I decided to weigh the guitar body to see how much weight I could remove.

After tons of sanding, 3 sanders, enough sand paper to make a large tree disappear and some careful routing. I got the body to a place I was pretty darn happy with.

Just a bit more touch up on the wood working part left and we’ll be on to finishing the body!


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